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 MEF National Schools


mef-okul.pngSince 1996, the MEF Schools have continued to work with a student-centered outlook toward the goal of creating entrepreneurs and leaders equipped with the highest level of knowledge and skills and an awareness of national and universal values.

Established after 8 years of research and studies with a vision to create a pioneering model open to innovation, our school’s understanding is that it is the multifaceted growth of an individual and the exploration of an individual's talents that form the foundation of education. Education achieves the growth of the student with "the use of technology" and by encouraging "curiosity and exploration."                            
With its programs prepared for students in line with their interests and talents, MEF Schools integrates technology into areas of learning, ensuring that every student learns by doing and experiencing.
The Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School and High School teaching programs have been integrated into a single system in terms of organization and content. The two-teacher instruction that prevails in kindergarten and elementary school grades 1-3 is a first of its kind in Turkey.
At MEF Kindergarten, instruction is half in Turkish and half in English. The program focuses equally on both the native tongue and a foreign language and children are encouraged to learn English in a natural environment.
The Main Curriculum is enriched with Music, Physical Education, Dancing, Computers, Rhythm, Ceramics, Swimming and Chess.
At MEF Elementary School, the philosophy of education is based on a "Complete Education Model" that encompasses the elements of concept, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior; this is supported by Understanding by Design (UBD), which is an integral part of "Student Centered Teaching."
Students are not evaluated simply with measurement tools based on grades. Classes make use of alternative measurement and evaluation tools as well.
The progress of pupils in grades 1-4 in terms of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills is conveyed to their families in the form of a portfolio presentation twice a year.
At MEF Middle School, students' social, cultural and academic growth is taken to be an integrated whole. The different methods and techniques used in assessing individual differences allow students to learn at the highest level of their capacity; supplementary classwork is also carried out for preparation for the central exams.
Interactive boards are used in all MEF Middle School classrooms. Project studies are given particular attention in order to teach pupils scientific thinking skills.
In English teaching, priority is given to having students speak, practice presentation techniques, read and review books, and write essays.
In German, French and Spanish classes, where these languages are offered as second foreign languages, the emphasis is on the skills needed for written and verbal communication.
The students in Middle School 8th grade have been extraordinarily successful in their SBS exams, all of them receiving high scores.
At MEF High School, as part of the secondary education program, students are encouraged to choose areas that suit their interests, desires and talents. Supplementary classroom work is carried out to help students attain the departments they prefer at the universities, both in Turkey and abroad.
Students are equipped with foreign language training that is reinforced with a program of grammar and reading that will enable them to carry their knowledge of language to higher levels.
Smart boards are used in High School classrooms to enrich the student's environment and ensure their active participation in class.   
Projects are prepared for many national and international scientific competitions sponsored by various institutions, the main organization among these being TÜBİTAK. Students who wish to reach a certain level and continue on an IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program take a test for admittance into the program. Students graduating from this program earn the right to apply for scholarships to study at the world's most distinguished universities.
The rate of university admission achievement of MEF High School students has been consistently 98% and above every year.
Besides the class curriculum, MEF Schools also offer 78 different activities to help the multi-faceted development of its students; these activities are in 5 different areas of interest--Mathematics, Science and Technology, Language and Culture, Plastic Arts, Music and Stage Arts, and Sports.