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 1000 Volt Post Production

volt.pngSince 2005, our creative team, equipped with our technical infrastructure and our corporate vision, has been in continuous collaboration with talented directors, production agencies, creative advertising companies and pioneering and visionary brands that stand out in their respective fields. 

We bring to life unique and innovative projects by offering our services for the production of visual effects of the highest quality for TV, cinema, Internet and all digital platforms, as well as for 2D/3D animation, s3D film production, color adjustments, installations, Dolby audio design and final mix, digital content production, distribution and project consultancy. 

Our own experience in project management, our staff of experienced producers, together with the efforts of our customer relations team, allow us to meet customer demands and expectations, analyze and deliver projects on time, and offer cost advantages.
At 1000 Volt, our goal is to match international standards and focus on project delivery at the highest quality. We collaborate with the most respected post-production companies in Europe and the United States. 
Our efforts to produce joint projects with foreign agencies and our mission to create added value for the Turkish film industry resulted in our expanding our service network with the opening of our Los Angeles office in 2011.  ​