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 Yurtiçi Lojistik

yenilojistik.pngWorking to make a difference in the shipping sector, in line with continuously changing and developing dynamics, Yurtiçi Lojistik has succeeded in becoming one of the major names in the sector with its technology and human resources.

With headquarters in Maslak, Istanbul, Yurtiçi Lojistik and its experienced and strong team of experts in the logistics sector was established within the Arıkanlı Holding Shipping Group with an eye to integrate all logistics solutions under a new and reorganized structure.
Established as part of the Arıkanlı Holding in 2002, Yurtiçi Lojistik is active today in 16 cities with a total storage area of more than 100,000 square meters, offering experience and quality. The Company serves a variety of sectors that include white goods, textiles, retail foods, automotives, lube oils, providing packaging, storage, shipping and even pallet delivery. The Company produces solutions in every sector it serves, offering unique storage, distribution and supply chain management expertise according to customer needs.
A member of FIATA and IATA, Yurtiçi Lojistik provides customers in all parts of the world and especially Europe and in neighboring countries, every type of shipping as well as Forwarder services that offer every type and volume of bulk carriage.
With its ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems and L1, R2 certificates, Yurtiçi Lojistik offers its business partners the highest quality of service. For this reason, Yurtiçi Lojistik represents quality in the sector, offering its experience and know-how in the organization of logistics centers, multiple storage and integrated distribution systems and quality control on a national and international scale to provide services of added value.